Year 6 sleepover

Dear Yr 6 parents & carers

We hope you and your children are all well at the beginning of their last term as Becket pupils!  Just to let you know that we have had a bit of a rethink on the sleepover date in school during study week. When we met in January to propose the study week activities, we mentioned a sleepover at school as part of the week. Having discussed various options, we now feel that doing the sleepover in such close proximity to the Windmill Hill trip is not such a good idea. We want pupils to be ready to depart on Wednesday morning well-rested and energised. The staff who stayed on site with Yr 6 last year said that although the occasion was lots of fun, not much sleep was had by anyone, adult or child! Therefore, we think having the sleepover on either the Monday or Tuesday night might result in some children not being on their best form for departure to Windmill Hill.

Therefore, we are instead proposing that we have the sleepover at school on Friday night the 14th July, the same night as the Yr 6 disco. This will hopefully mean an extra-special disco night for the children and also a chance perhaps for their parents & carers to enjoy a night out together at the end of your children’s’ time at St Thomas Becket, without having childcare to worry about.

Kind regards,

Diarmuid Skehan