School Uniform

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The School Association supplies summer dresses, school ties, sun hats, white T shirts and polo shirts with the school badge printed on.

Parents are encouraged to purchase these items from the school.

Parents are advised that all school clothes should be clearly marked with the child’s name.


(Spring Term and 2nd Half of Autumn Term)

BOYS                                                 GIRLS

Long Grey Tailored Trousers       Grey Pinafore Dress or Skirt

Grey Socks                                        Plain White or Grey Socks or Tights

White Shirt                                       White Shirt or Blouse


School Tie
Royal Blue V-neck Jumper or Cardigan

(Note: Infants should wear a white polo shirt rather than a shirt and tie.)



(Summer Term and 1st Half of Autumn Term)

BOYS                                                    GIRLS

Grey Tailored Shorts                         School summer dress (Light blue and white stripe)

(Year 6 boys have the option of either shorts or long grey tailored trousers)

(Year 6 girls have the option of wearing summer dress, pinafore or grey skirt and polo shirt)

Grey Socks                                           Plain White Socks

White Polo Shirt                                  White Polo Shirt


Royal Blue V-neck Jumper or Cardigan

During the 1st half of the Autumn Term, reception children are allowed to wear the school winter uniform