Curriculum Vision

Our curriculum vision has the embedding of basic skills at its core, alongside developing the essential life skills and attributes for every child to be able to access future learning. Our children learn best through a variety of learning approaches including practical 'hands on' learning opportunities as well as the acquisition of knowledge and skills, often through topics that will capture their interest and stimulate their imagination. These enable them to experience learning in a meaningful way that reflects their interest and needs.

Our wider curriculum is cross- curricular (where meaningful) and enquiry based to promote curiosity. We involve the children in planning topics and themes of study so that their learning reflects their interests, which motivates them to learn.

Our curriculum is under-pinned by a pedagogical framework which weaves together the critical elements of curriculum, teaching & learning and

The curriculum should respond to individual needs and support particular aptitudes and talents. It should give each child increased opportunities for self-reflection and identification of their next steps as they move through their school career.

There should be clear links between the different aspects of children’s learning, including opportunities for extended activities which draw different strands of learning together. Furthermore, they should understand the purposes of their activities. They should be taught to see the value of what they are learning and its relevance to their lives, present and future.