Online Safety - Curriculum

Online Safety

Online safety is an integral part of a child's education in today's world.  Educating children to be safe, critical and responsible users of technology is of great importance at St Thomas Becket Primary School.  Our online safety curriculum ensures all children are taught a range of skills and behaviours that support their safe use of technology.  We also highlight the importance of online safety messages throughout the school year and invite the children to take part in competitions and assemblies to engage their interest in these messages.


Online Safety Curriculum Overview

Our curriculum is drawn from a range of resources including SWGfL, Google Internet Legends, Thinkuknow and Education for a Connected World (DfE 2018)

Our Online Safety curriculum covers 8 aspects of learning:

  • Information Literacy
  • Health, wellbeing and lifestyle
  • Privacy and Security
  • Online relationships and communications
  • Online bullying
  • Online reputation and digital footprint
  • Self image and self identity
  • Copyright and ownership

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