Art and Design

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All children throughout the school are actively encouraged to experience and embrace a wide variety of art and design techniques, skills and media. They are given opportunity to express themselves and build confidence in their artistic creativity, through regular cross curriculum workshops, supported by after school and lunchtime art activities.

The history of art and major artists, combined with gallery visits inspires the introduction and use of techniques. These include paint (water colour, poster and acrylic), pencil (colour and sketching), clay, charcoal, chalk and oil pastels, papier-mâché, collage, textiles and printing.

The children can participate in the set designs and prop making for school assemblies and school productions.

The entire school community participated in the National Gallery sponsored Take One Picture project, culminating in a joyful school parade and well received exhibition.

Artwork is proudly displayed throughout the school. The school also undertakes an annual Arts Week, involving the collaboration of art and music classes, as a celebration and showcase of the children’s work throughout their school year.