wp412c906a_05_06In Mathematics, at St Thomas Becket, we are currently using the 2014 National Curriculum programme of study. We aim to give the children a thorough understanding of mathematical concepts and the confidence to apply skills and knowledge in a variety of situations. There is a strong focus on mental mathematical skills that we can apply to a range of problems.

We employ a practical approach in order to develop a concrete understanding which is needed for progress in mathematics. We try to develop in the children, a positive attitude to this subject by making the learning as interesting and enjoyable as possible.

In the Early Years of school, mathematics is learned through direct experience. As they progress through the school the children will be presented with opportunities to use and to apply the mathematical skills that they have acquired.

We aim to develop the use of Maths in other cross curricular subjects. Computing is used to enhance the teaching of mathematics especially through the handling and presenting of data.

We hold whole school meetings with parents to update them on calculation policies and new initiatives. We are proud of the positive relationship between staff and parents which helps to ensure a positive and fulfilled learning environment for the children. Our aim is to help children to develop a positive attitude to Maths and have fun through learning.