School Meals

We cook our meals on the premises and aim to provide increasingly high standards. There is a wide range of choices for the children and menus are prepared with both health and enjoyment in mind.

We are convinced that the best meal for children in the middle of a long school day is a hot meal.

In keeping with our Healthy Eating Policy, please remember that children’s packed lunches must provide a substantial midday meal rather than one based around chocolate bars, sweets, fizzy drinks and crisps which are not allowed. So that parents may monitor their children’s welfare, any uneaten food in packed lunches will be brought home at the end of the day. Please note that lunches containing nut derivatives are not permitted due to the fact that some children have potentially serious nut allergies.

All children, whether taking school lunch or packed food have access to unlimited quantities of water.

Under the Fruit for Schools scheme, all children under seven receive some fruit each day. We also encourage children of all ages to bring in a piece of fruit to eat at morning playtime and to drink fresh milk.

Click to view / download a copy of our Healthy Eating and Drinking Policy and Packed Lunch Policy.

Thursday, 19 January 2023

Frosty Feast Menu

Christmas Lunch and Christmas Wear

Dear Parent/Carer

Our Christmas Lunch will be on Wednesday 14 December when children may wear something Christmassy, along with their own clothes.

If your child usually has a school meal, please ensure their account is topped up via ParentPay.

The menu is below for your information.

The School Office



Festive Season

Wednesday 14 December


Festival of Football

Monday 21 November – Menu

Tuesday 22 November – Macaroni Cheese instead of Jacket Potato

Autumn 2022 Menu (with allergens)

St Thomas Becket Lunch Menus with Allergens AW2022-23