Arrangements for Learning

The school is arranged into six Infant classes and eight Junior classes.

Teachers plan in year groups in order to ensure equality of opportunity in terms of coverage of the curriculum and progression. Teachers take account of individual learning styles through a combination of individual, group and whole class teaching.

We have a Special Needs Policy that is in line with the Government’s Code of Practice. The main objectives of this policy are to improve the quality of learning experiences for all pupils at St Thomas Becket School, and to establish an agreed range of practices in relation to the identification and support of pupils with special educational needs. Parents will be involved in all stages of the process.

For homework, children regularly take home their reading book. We operate a home - school reading policy where parents are actively encouraged to help their children with their reading. The school will issue a booklet explaining the process in greater detail once the child has settled into school. Children are strongly encouraged to learn tables and spellings at home and will occasionally be asked to continue their study interest at home.