Summer Term Activities

Dear Parent/Carer,

See below for the before and after school activities for the summer term. We ask that you only select choices that you have previously discussed with your child.

To familiarise yourself with the process, please visit this page before you complete the form below. This form must be submitted by Sunday 16 April, allowing time for places to be offered and accepted before sessions begin. Please note that all offered places must either be accepted or declined within 48 hours or they will be withdrawn. Cash payment must be made in advance at the office when you return your acceptance form.

Information about Digital Leaders and Junior Choir will be sent separately.

Many thanks,

The School Office

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MON3.15 - 4.15pmJiu JitsuY5 Y66£30.0015 May 2023
MON3.15 - 4.15pmFun & GamesY1 Y27£35.0015 May 2023
MON3.15 - 4.00pmFrenchY3 Y46£36.0015 May 2023
TUE3.15 - 4.15pmFun & GamesY1 Y29£45.002 May 2023
TUE3.15 - 4.00pmSpanishY3 Y49£63.002 May 2023
TUE3.15 - 4.15pmFootballY5 Y68£40.002 May 2023
WED3.15 - 4.15pmFootballY1 Y29£45.003 May 2023
WED3.15 - 4.15pmBall-skills and DrillsY3 Y4 Y59£45.003 May 2023
THU8.00 - 8.45pmGymnasticsY3 Y4 Y59£45.004 May 2023
THU3.15 - 4.00pmFrenchY1 Y29£54.004 May 2023
THU3.15 - 4.15pmFun & GamesY3 Y49£45.004 May 2023
THU3.15 - 4.15pmChess & DraughtsY5 Y68£40.004 May 2023
THU3.15 - 4.15pmNetballY3 Y49£45.004 May 2023
FRI3.15 - 3.45pmSpanishY1 Y29£54.005 May 2023
FRI3.15 - 4.15pmChess & DraughtsY3 Y49£45.005 May 2023
FRI3.15 - 4.15pmNetballY5 Y68£40.005 May 2023
FRI3.15 - 4.15pmFrenchY5 Y67£45.505 May 2023

Please complete this form by Sunday 16 April.