Refresher Sessions on Online Safety

Dear Parent/Carer,

Next week we will be making some changes to the Yr 6 timetable to support Yr 6 pupils by doing some refresher sessions on staying safe online and maintaining positive relationships online. Back in February, during national mental health awareness week, we did several sessions with all year groups regarding these themes. The theme of that week’s activities was ‘Let’s Connect’, and we encouraged people to make healthy, rewarding, and meaningful connections. This is in addition to some extra pastoral work that we will be doing on an individual or group basis, and we will be in touch with individual parents / carers where that is the case. We have already been in touch with a number of you in relation to this.

You may have seen an article on this in the school newsletter, and you will be able to find the links to relevant content on the school G-Suite.

Schools and communities across the UK connect for Children’s Mental Health Week 2023 (

As is always the case, please do get in touch with the school if you have concerns or questions.

Kind regards,

Diarmuid Skehan