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Welcome to our Poetry Celebration page!  
Thank you to all the children who have written these amazing poems whilst working from home during the lockdown.  They are so inspirational and imaginative, bringing a sense of hope and appreciation of others in these troubled times. 
We hope that you enjoy reading each other's creative efforts and that more and more of you are inspired to write some of your own.   
Please email any new poems to
Thank you!

Staying at Home

Staying at home
Staying at home feeling bored
Ordered to stay at home
Missing family and friends
Will covid-19 ever end?

Thursday clapping for the NHS
This is a time we will never forget

Countries cry for loved ones deaths
Feeling bored,feeling brave
Missing school so we are safe

Key workers working
To stop the spread
While others lay in a hospital bed

Our hopes and dreams
Are for a cure
To stop the world suffering any more

By Connie 
10th April 2020

Thank you NHS

Thank you NHS for being so brave,
Helping people get better during this Virus’ waves.
Always taking care of people in pain,
Never given up or showing strain.
Knowing you’re risking your lives everyday,
You fight the Virus anyway.
Our claps and our cheers are sent to you all,
United you stand, our protective wall.
Never forget how much we care,
Helping us kill the virus in your protective wear.
So thank you again from all of us, we will get through this because in you we trust.

By Sophia

St Anne’s, Year 2.

By Aiden

St Anne - Year 2

By Maya - St Peter

By Victor

A Glimmer of Hope

Streets once flooded with laughter and joy,
Now bleak emptiness roams the towns;
Leaving inside nothing yet to enjoy.

Inside a hospital, a man in his bed,
Breathing through machinery;
Wishing his last wishes as a nurse held his head.

However, amongst all the darkness and these painful times,
A Glimmer of Hope still remains.
Children like us are doing our bit by providing hope for the nation;
So please take action and hang a rainbow up against your window.
Only then will we bring hope to this situation!

By Louisa
Year 6

Bored & Blessed

Bored, bored, bored.
Oh did I mention I was bored?
Really bored!
Exceptionally bored.
Dangerously bored.

Blessed, blessed, blessed.
Lots to be grateful for.
Exceptionally blessed.
So many acts of kindness.
So many new ways of living life.
Everyone will be together soon.
Definitely blessed!

St Cecilia


C aring about homework isn't bad
O nly doing it at home is really sad
V illainous viruses spread around
I nvisible from top to ground
D isesases will spread but if......
10,000 people wash their hands and
9000 more do the same, we will win this

By Neevh
St Bernadette’s Class




By Claire

St Martin - Year 5

By Giselle - St Therese

By Miley


A super, special group,
That gives us lots of glory.
They work all day through,
And read us a story.

A super, special group,
That risk their lives to keep us safe,
And bare the blame for our own sake.

A super, special group,
That put their minds to the test,
And help us be our best.

A super, special group,
That ever since the virus set foot on this land,
They had already thought of a plan.

A super, special group,
That does not ask for much but one thing….


By Tanah,

St. Martins

A New Teacher
This is a sweet teacher I have now.
She’s a kind of fun teacher.
I will never forget my school teacher.
Guess the name of my new teacher.
If you know her name tell me.

St Francis Year 2






Covid-19 is ruining many lives
Staying in day till night
Cooped up in one house
Wondering if I will ever go out
Our NHS is battling this virus
Whilst others mourn around us
As the days become hazy
We become more lazy
Thursday night we all remember
Clapping as a union all together
As I walk down the street my eyes full of colour
As rainbows merge together
Even though, this will not be forever
We are all in this together

By Evie
St Cecilia









This Strange Time

It's been a long time since I went to school
It's been a long time since I saw my friends
I miss all the laughter and the things we did but I know it’s safer to be home for now....
Covid is this virus that's shut everything down
I'm not sure how, but it’s got quite powerful now....
Lots of people are sad an upset, we can’t see our loved ones which is hard to accept
Still it’s better to be positive and brave…
It will all end quicker if we all stay away
If we all pray to God through this strange scary time
I know he will come to be on our side.
He will fight this virus and help us all through so, let's try an smile and be less blue, because
God is the greatest and that is so true.

By Aariyan

St Cecilia Year 5

By Sienna - St Therese

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