O2 Choir Trip

Dear Parents and Carers of 02 Choir,

On Tuesday, we will be leaving school at 10.30am to get to the 02 for around 12.00. We will have lunch and get to our seats for a rehearsal. They will then have their packed dinner at around 5.30pm.

Your Child needs to bring:

  • A packed lunch and a packed dinner
  • Please come to school in dark/black trousers and we will distribute the Young Voices T-shirts (If you did not order a T-Shirt, you need a white t-shirt)
  • Children should bring a coat with them (this will be stored under their seats during the concert) No hats/flashing headbands or neon clothing (including JoJo bows).

The concert starts at 7pm (doors open at 6.00pm).

Pick up after the concert (concert should end at 8.45pm):

After the concert finishes, we will dismiss the children from outside Tesco Express (along Mitre Passage next to the Peninsular Square). Please wait until their names have been ticked off the register.

Mrs Longhurst will dismiss year 6

Mrs Taylor will dismiss year 5

Mrs Frost will dismiss year 4

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask me.

Thanks again for all your cooperation,

Mrs C Longhurst
Music Coordinator