Year 6 Secondary school offers

Dear Yr 6 Parents & Carers,

As I am sure you are all aware, today is national secondary school offer day and you should receive your child’s secondary school offer by email/text later this afternoon / evening. Please don’t be alarmed if other families receive their offer before you. They are sent out in batches and can take a few hours to deliver to all applicants.

We wish you and your child all the best with their offer. Many will get their first choice and of course we will be delighted for you and for them. However, some may not get their first choice and be disappointed with the offer they receive. If you or your child are in that situation and you would like to discuss next steps (such as waiting lists / appeals) please make an appointment to see Mr Skehan or Mrs Harper in confidence, and we can help discuss your various options.

We wish you and your child all the best this evening,

Kind regards,

Mr Diarmuid Skehan