Urgent Message from Inspector Kathy Morteo – South Area police Safer Schools and Youth Inspector

Dear parents and guardians,

As a result of an ongoing investigation, we have been made aware there may be a video(s) with deeply concerning and inappropriate content being circulated via electronic devices and/or being shared or viewed, from child to child at our schools.

Due to the digital nature of this material, it can be shared across multiple platforms extremely quickly and it is impossible for us to limit or halt the transmission. Therefore we are taking the unusual step of asking for your immediate assistance as we do all we can to safeguard and protect our children.

Please can I urge you to review your child’s phone and if any inappropriate content is found, take control of the phone and raise with your schools dedicated safeguarding lead. The content or information can then be assessed and escalated, if necessary, either to police or other appropriate agency.

The purpose of this email is to protect the welfare of our children and ensure those affected are provided with the necessary support.

Yours sincerely,
Kathy Morteo
Metropolitan Police
South Area
Inspector for Safer Schools & Youth – Croydon, Bromley and Sutton