UPDATE – Summer Term Activities

Dear Parent/Carer,

Offer letters have been sent out this afternoon so please check in your child's school bag if you applied for an activity. Please see below for up-to-date start dates and costs, as these have been affected by strike days and bank holidays.

There are still spaces available in all the activities apart from Y1/Y2 Football and Y1/Y2 French which are full. If you have not applied for an activity and would like to, please complete this form by Monday 24 April.

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MON3.15 - 4.15pmJiu JitsuY5 Y66£30.0015 May 2023
MON3.15 - 4.15pmFun & GamesY1 Y27£35.0015 May 2023
MON3.15 - 4.00pmFrenchY3 Y46£36.0015 May 2023
TUE3.15 - 4.15pmFun & GamesY1 Y28£40.009 May 2023
TUE3.15 - 4.00pmSpanishY3 Y48£56.009 May 2023
TUE3.15 - 4.15pmFootballY5 Y67£35.009 May 2023
WED3.15 - 4.15pmFootball - FULLY1 Y29£45.003 May 2023
WED3.15 - 4.15pmBall-skills and DrillsY3 Y4 Y59£45.003 May 2023
THU8.00 - 8.45pmGymnasticsY3 Y4 Y59£45.004 May 2023
THU3.15 - 4.00pmFrench - FULLY1 Y29£54.004 May 2023
THU3.15 - 4.15pmFun & GamesY3 Y49£45.004 May 2023
THU3.15 - 4.15pmChess & DraughtsY5 Y68£40.004 May 2023
THU3.15 - 4.15pmNetballY3 Y49£45.004 May 2023
FRI3.15 - 3.45pmSpanishY1 Y29£54.0028 April 2023
FRI3.15 - 4.15pmChess & DraughtsY3 Y49£45.0028 April 2023
FRI3.15 - 4.15pmNetballY5 Y68£40.0028 April 2023
FRI3.15 - 4.15pmFrenchY5 Y67£45.5028 April 2023