Being a Class Representative is a rewarding role. Class Reps help build a sense of community among the class parents, and as part of the STBSA they help provide the link between the parents and STBSA Committee. Like every parent, Class Reps are invited to the STBSA meetings to contribute and gain a broader understanding of what the STBSA does for the school.

Responsibilities include:

Christmas and Summer Fair

  • Classes are allocated stalls at the fair; as such Class reps represent that class. Class reps are responsible for coordinating the preparation, running, and clearing up of these stalls throughout the fair.

Maintaining contact with the parents/guardians in the class

  • Attend meetings and then pass on any information to all class parents.
  • Responsible for compiling, maintaining and circulating an up to date contact’s list of all parents in the class, this may include email address and mobile numbers etc.(parents must agree to being added to the list).
  • These are useful for parents who aren’t able to meet other parents in the playground. This will ensure that all parents will be informed accordingly of information relevant to them, this is especially handy when trying to coordinate and organise the fair rota, or updating them on social events.

Support STBSA

  • Attend the STBSA meetings (at least one class rep from each class), then to give feedback to your class parents.
  • Refer questions to the appropriate STBSA committee member if you feel that you cannot answer them yourselves.
  • Organising Socials for Parents (Optional)
  • Class coffee mornings and parents’ evenings are always good fun and the most effective way of helping parents get to know each other and generating a good team spirit in your class.

Teacher Presents (optional)

  • If your class decides it wants to give the teacher and the teaching assistant a Christmas or end of year present, the Class Reps will organise this. Class Reps also generally co-ordinate a card or similar for the teachers with messages from the children at Christmas and end of school year.

Leaving presents (optional)

  • Sometimes, if children leave the school, the Class Reps can co-ordinate gifts and cards for them.

Next Year’s Reps

  • Towards the end of the year, attempt to find at least a volunteer to Class Rep the next academic year.

Areas which are not the remit of the Class Representative

  • School questions/complaints  – Class reps should advise parents/carers to contact the school office.
  • STBSA questions/complaints – Class reps should advise parents/carers with any comments, feedback or complaints about STBSA business to contact the Chairperson via the email address