Parental Consent Form

Dear Parent/Carers,

As a school we are required to collect certain information in order to carry out our core functions of providing education and ensuring the wellbeing and welfare of the children. We do this on the legal basis that we are required to as an authority and therefore require no further permission to do this.  There are areas however where we do require your permission to use the information you have given us for activities other than our core functions; these include extra- curricular and enrichment activities. For these additional activities we will seek your specific consent to use your information, this must be freely given, informed and unambiguous.

Please indicate your permission by completing the online form provided for you below:


  • Food

    There maybe opportunities for your child to take part in food preparation and tasting activities.
  • Photographs / School Prospectus

    I agree for the images taken of my child to be used by the School for the purpose of promoting the school and celebrating events.
  • Educational Visits

    At various times in the year visits may be made to a variety of places to enrich the curriculum. These visits will be led by a member of staff and will have an appropriate number of adults to ensure safe supervision. You will be informed about any visits.
  • School Internet Use

    Using the internet can be a useful tool for research and resources.
  • Text Service

    We subscribe to a texting service. This can provide an efficient service for communicating the latest information e.g. school closures, reminders and cancelling events.
  • Privacy Notice

    The school has a privacy notice on our website.
  • Consent and Personal Details

    I/we agree to update the School Office with any changes to the information above.
  • Tell us what class they are in
  • Please add your signature to this form using either your mouse (if using a desktop computer) or your finger (if using a tablet or mobile phone) in the box above.
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