During the summer term the whole school took part in an exciting Art and music project. As part of the National Gallery ‘Take One Picture initiative, we used the schools artistic and musical talents and pushed them to the max.

We took inspiration from the painting ‘A Roman Triumph’ by Reuben’s. We went on a learning journey exploring it using our literacy, mathematical, scientific, geographical and historical skills and particularly looked into the exotic animals brought back from Roman conquests and how these looked almost mythical.

The whole school decided that we would create our own parade of class creatures. We took on this creative challenge and used our DT and Art abilities to design and make huge made up animals out of paper-mache and other huge structural materials.

Classes used their musical talents to compose a soundscape for their animal, and year 5 and 6 worked closely with a composer to create a full piece to accompany the painting. Year 4 even experimented with hose tubing to make up brass fan fairs. The effect was wonderful! We had a very special and exciting morning of parade fun. The children and staff enjoyed the amazing experience showing off creativity, imagination and team work.

After the main event, we put together all of our creations to show the key elements of the parade in an exhibition that was open to parents. This was a real success as our children’s talents and creativity were celebrated.

Click on the link below to see our parade