Life Base Workshops

Dear Parents/Carers

The Coram Life Education & SCARF team will once again be visiting Years 1-6 from January 25th-27th to carry out their Life Base workshops.

The children’s charity Coram Life Education provides Health and Wellbeing Education support to schools. Workshops are delivered by skilled educators.

Workshops – LifeBase

The age specific programmes aim to provide children with an understanding of themselves, how their bodies function and how to keep them safe and healthy.  They aim especially to aid children in the acquisition of decision-making skills regarding their health and in building their self-esteem.  All programmes link with and support the National Curriculum and each year, as the workshops return to schools, children build on this knowledge to establish, in the long term, a positive approach to drug prevention.

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Below is a summary of the themes for your child’s year group.

If you have any questions about the programme, please speak to your child’s class teacher.

Yours faithfully,

Mrs A Harper

Deputy Headteacher