To ensure St Thomas Becket School Association (STBSA) can continue to operate within the school district as a mature and accountable charity that is dedicated to the success of the St Thomas Becket School, we must maintain a process of constructive engagement, as such STBSA has the following code of conduct

All members of the STBSA should:

1. Act within the law
2. Be honest and fair
3. Respect the dignity of others, treat committee member, class representatives, volunteers, parents, students, staff and community members with respect, regardless of gender, place of origin, race, sexual orientation religion, political belief or economic status
4. Observe confidentiality in respect of all information gained through the STBSA activities
5. Consistently display high personal standards and project a favourable image when representing the STBSA through positive behaviour
6. Refrain from alcohol/recreational drug use whilst on the STBSA business (e.g. meetings, fair and school discos)
7. Refrain from public criticism of fellow volunteers, committee members, students and staff
8. Refrain from the use of profane, insulting, harassing or otherwise offensive language when representing the STBSA at events
9. Direct any comments or criticism at activity, rather than the person. Refrain from personal attack or harassment. Verbal and or physical behaviours that constitute harassment or abuse are unacceptable.

Harassment in any form is prohibited. Harassment includes any demeaning or negative commentary directed towards individuals, groups, faculty, or staff, misuse of email and email lists, or harassing behaviour in any event or service when acting on behalf of the STBSA or as a STBSA member.

Use of email and email lists

The STBSA uses email to communicate with members for important announcements and to coordinate events and services and other official business.  If members are acting on behalf of the STBSA they are prohibited to use member’s information to communicate with you regarding issues or complaints about other STBSA members, faculty, or staff as this is not the Association’s role.  If you have specific questions of a constructive nature, try come to a general meeting and motion to discuss the item, or send an email to We will be happy to answer your questions or point you in the right direction.

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